Social Good Solutions has one purpose: connect capacity to social justice. A boutique consulting practice, SGS works with philanthropic institutions, nonprofit organizations and public systems to design, operationalize and manage strategic initiatives from concept to implementation.

 Community & Partner Engagement 

Organizational & Project Management  

Program Design


Whether you are designing a new initiative, scaling an existing program or refining your implementation practices, SGS can help you plan, develop and evaluate the best approaches to advance your mission.

Every vision needs a roadmap and the journey from good ideas to results requires both focus and capacity. SGS will help you “think and do” as you navigate social justice and equity-driven decisions for your organization. 

Advancing Justice, Expanding Opportunity, Pushing the World...Forward

As your work evolves, partnerships do too. Engaging people as partners in your mission builds resiliency among allies and preserves goodwill between the organization and the communities you serve. SGS can build your skills for shared decision-making.